The Battle to save the Andrewsville Bridge continues

We are half way there

On April 26,2023 Lanark County Adopted

MOTION #PW-2023-24

That Council direct staff to move forward with the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process for the replacement of Andrewsville Bridge; and

That staff be directed to bring forward information at a subsequent meeting; and

That this motion be contingent on the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville’s agreement to pay 50% of all costs associated with the replacement activities.

We Need Your Support as we bring our case to the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville Wednesday Nov 8th 9-11 am

Now is the time for all Friends of the Andrewsville Bridge to tell The United Counties of Leeds and Grenville that we want our bridge to stay open! We need to to show up at the County Council Chambers during their discussion on the future of the bridge.

Citizen attendance is allowed, and a strong showing to support the bridge is needed to reinforce its importance to this community. 

Please join us on the Bus leaving the Merrickville Community Centre at 8 am or you are welcome to arrange your own transportation.

Rory Blaisdell for FAB and Michael Ryan for the ATV Club will both be presenting. Come out to support and encourage them, and enforce the message to the political decision makers. Let’s pack the chambers with supporters!!!!!!!

We need your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Follow this link for a one page summary of the issue and our proposed solution

Our Financial Calculator / Projections Tool

If you are opposed to the closure of this important asset to our communities. Please take a moment to fill out the online petition found here.

Points to Consider

  • Closure will have a detrimental affect on Merrickville and Burritts Rapids by increasing and backing up traffic particularly in the summer when the Canal is open.
  • It will lead to vehicles stopped and backed up through Merrickville right up the main street, up and down County Rd 2 and Main St Burrits rapids as there will be no ability for an alternative route for commuters to take.
  • Congestion will increase the risk of emergency vehicles being unable to get through.
  • As our communities grow we will need this bridge more than ever.

We have a solution and have written a letter found here to the respective officials. 

We hope you will share this post, and raise it within your community.

We would be grateful for your interest and active participation.   

Thanks to all who have submitted your comments & concerns & questions….  and those who haven’t yet – please do so.

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